• WISM・ソルジャー アサルト
  • WISM・ソルジャー スカウト
  • WISM・ソルジャー スナイプ
  • WISM・ソルジャー グラップル
  • SOL ホーネット
  • SOL ロードランナー

alice gear aegis series

busoushinki series


TYPE Archer
ARMED ●Longbow ●Sword ●Blades ●Kunai ●Shin Guards

Character information

ASRA ARCHER is designed to excel at mid to long-range combat.
One of the first models to come with specialized armor on her arms and legs as a default setting, this archer-inspired Megami enjoys a high level of maneuverability.
ASRA ARCHER’s main weapon is a longbow that is capable of high-angle fire that can surpass shields, giving it a wider range of strategical uses compared to gun-type weapons.
Additionally, the longbow can also be converted into wings allowing ASRA ARCHER to glide over the battlefield.
Similar to ASRA NINJA, ASRA ARCHER is also equipped with an arsenal of short-range weapons, but the bulk of ARCHER’s armaments prevent the Megami from being as mobile as NINJA, and her Samurai Mode configuration is considered ideal for transport rather than combat.
ASRA ARCHER’s attack and defense statistics will rise rapidly when converted into “Samurai Mode” using parts from ASRA NINJA.
The Samurai sword created by combining the katana and sword from the two models has an especially impressive strength and reach.
ASRA ARCHER’s Japanese-style design is also popular with players throughout the world.

Product information