• WISM・ソルジャー アサルト
  • WISM・ソルジャー スカウト
  • WISM・ソルジャー スナイプ
  • WISM・ソルジャー グラップル
  • SOL ホーネット
  • SOL ロードランナー

alice gear aegis series

busoushinki series

Chaos & Pretty Magical Girl DARKNESS

TYPE Magical Girl
ARMED ●Magical Rod ●Magical Intelligence Cap ●Magical Skirt ●Magical Wings ●Multiple Magic Circles

Character information

This close-combat unit is designed with the motif of a magical girl.

The unit is an alternative color version of the Chaos & Pretty series.
The unit’s dark color scheme improves its stealth capabilities on the nighttime battlefield.
In addition to the highly customizable blunt melee weapon, the unit comes with a special chain that can not only be used to convert the weapon into a flail, but can also be used to bind enemies.

The apparel maker “Chaos & Pretty” simultaneous developed children’s Halloween costumes and temporary tattoos, which are often worn by players in parent-child Megami Battles.

Product information