What are Megami Battles?

Megami Battles are a survival battle game where players control one or more Megami Devices.

The battles take place in battle ports or portable units. The Megami Devices are scanned, and the unit’s battle point total is calculated based on the unit’s specifications and any additional “customization points” added by modifications made by the player to the equipment, materials, or color of the unit.

The players issue commands to their Megami Devices in order to take down the enemy team.

The Two Types of Megami Battles

Diorama Field

These battles are carried out in actual dioramas that are constructed within battle ports in arcades and hobby shops.

The physical terrain of the dioramas can be altered in real time using projection mapping for a fully immersive battle experience.
The size of the port varies depending on the size of the venue, but the most popular ones are the large-scale fields installed at larger stores and events.

Official competitions typically use diorama fields. The layout of the diorama is crucial, and the most skilled diorama builders are revered as much as the top Megami Masters.

Cloud Field

These battles are online simulations that are executed through an application that can be installed on computers or phones.
The application uses the device’s camera to photograph the unit to conduct a simple scan of the Megami’s battle points.

Since this format is merely a simulation, the scores do not count towards any official rankings. It does, however, allow players to participate in battles without inflicting any damage to their Megami units.

Photographing their Megami Devices for the battle point scan also allows players to show off their creations within the community.

Battle Modes

There are several battle modes as the rules are completely up to the player’s discretion, but the most popular battle mode is “Team Battle,” in which players control multiple units.
The number of Megami used is not limited as long as the team’s total number of points is under a specified number, and the composition of a team show’s the player’s strategical preferences.

There are multiple classes designated by the number of team points, allowing the players to choose a class based on their preferences or skill level.
Scores for each class are aggregated and reflected in the national ranking.

There are rumors of a hidden parameter that increases the more a specific team is used in battle.

Megami Modification

Painting and customizing a Megami Device will increase the unit’s points in a Megami Battle. Modeling skills and the ability to create original customizations are essential in order to become a top-ranked player.
Other than the following rules, players are free to customize their units however they like.

  1. Units must be small enough to fit in the battle field.
  2. Units must not put any players in danger.
  3. Weapons that cause severe damage to Megami or the battle field are prohibited (such as models real blades or flames).
  4. Modifications to the Megami’s AI software (such as cheat codes).

The Megami and weapons are generally constructed so that the weapons are detachable.

The best part of the Megami Device series is the passion of the players to create unique strategies and models.