• WISM・ソルジャー アサルト
  • WISM・ソルジャー スカウト
  • WISM・ソルジャー スナイプ
  • WISM・ソルジャー グラップル
  • SOL ホーネット
  • SOL ロードランナー

alice gear aegis series

busoushinki series


DESIGN CHARACTER: Kouhaku Kuroboshi MECHANIC: Takayuki Yanase
TYPE Land Combat
ARMED ● Roller Dash Units ● Beam Gun ● Beam Blade ● Helmet

Character information

This unit is specialized for land combat.
The Roller Dash Units on the Megami’s legs allow it to move about at high speed to surround and disorient rival teams.
The large Beam Blade gives the unit high attack in short-range combat.
When equipped with parts from the simultaneously developed SOL HORNET, ROADRUNNER can be converted into the fortified “Full Armor Mode,” which drastically increases the unit’s mobility and maxes out the offensive capabilities.

However, the unit other SOL unit the equipment was taken from will be left defenseless, making “Full Armor Mode” difficult to implement in battle. The name of the SOL series stands for “Sonic Operation Lady,” and these two units are the first in the Megami Device line that feature character designs and mechanics created by separate designers.

Product information