• WISM・ソルジャー アサルト
  • WISM・ソルジャー スカウト
  • WISM・ソルジャー スナイプ
  • WISM・ソルジャー グラップル
  • SOL ホーネット
  • SOL ロードランナー

alice gear aegis series

busoushinki series


DESIGN Humikane Shimada
TYPE Reconnaissance
ARMED ● Handgun ● Scouting Unit ● Helmet

Character information

One of the earliest Megami Devices, this unit is equipped with parts designed for reconnaissance and gathering information.
The scouting unit mounted on the handgun can be separated from the weapon and linked with the Megami for use as a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for independent scouting missions.
Additionally, the main wings from the scouting unit can be attached to the Megami’s back piece, granting the Megami the ability to fly a short distance for a small amount of time.
Information gathered by the blade antenna that attaches to the helmet can be shared with team members for a strategical advantage in group battles.

Product information