• WISM・ソルジャー アサルト
  • WISM・ソルジャー スカウト
  • WISM・ソルジャー スナイプ
  • WISM・ソルジャー グラップル
  • SOL ホーネット
  • SOL ロードランナー

alice gear aegis series

busoushinki series


DESIGN Humikane Shimada
TYPE Melee
ARMED ● Wild Hands ● Helmet

Character information

One of the first Megami Device units, this model is specialized in close combat.
The unit’s offensive power rapidly increases when the default hand parts are switched out for the gigantic Wild Hands.
In addition to sharp claws, the Wild Hands have strong gripping power that can be used to remove barriers and are indispensable in team battles.
The delta shaped sonic sensors on either side of the helmet process audio data in surround sound, allowing the unit to effectively locate enemies even on battle stages with low visibility.

Product information